Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 1.0.0

Take charge of the MIB agency in this official game


  • Smart, detailed graphics
  • Features main characters from the movie
  • Missions tie in well with the movie
  • Lots of scope to improve the MIB offices


  • You can't zoom in very closely
  • Lots of waiting


Men in Black 3 for iOS is the official game of the latest installment of the hit movie series. It puts you in charge of the MIB agency and you must organize it well in order to pass missions.

What is it about?

The Men in Black 3 mobile game combines different gameplay elements such as strategy, resource management and turn-based combat. You start off as a rookie in the agency's office and must expand the facility with research facilities, armories, workshops, infirmaries, shops, etc.

The missions in Men in Black 3 involve traveling around Brooklyn in present day and in 1969 in order to solve crimes and pursue the bad guys, in a plot that loosely follows that of the Men in Black 3 movie.

How to play Men in Black 3

The shooting system in Men in Black 3 is turn-by-turn, and this can be dull and frustrating since you have to wait to get shot by the aliens before you can shoot back. You can call upon other agents to help you in battles and upgrade and equip your weapons in the agency HQ.

After the initial training missions in Men in Black 3 be prepared for lots of waiting. Replenishing your energy, upgrading weapons and vehicles, and making money from shops takes time and there are long periods where you'll be effectively unable to do anything, unless you pay to speed things up using 'Temporal Pulse', available via in-app purchase.

Men in Black 3 is very well presented. It boasts lots of dialog featuring characters from the movie, although this is all text-based. The graphics themselves are detailed, clear and there's plenty of weird and wonderful things to see. However it would've been nice to have the option to zoom in a bit further.

If you're a fan of the movie, you'll enjoy playing Men in Black 3 since it ties in so closely. As with most games of this ilk though, you'll face long waits between missions, unless you're prepared to pay to speed things up.

Men in Black 3


Men in Black 3 1.0.0

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