Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 1.0.0

Star as Agent J in the official mobile game of Men in Black 3


  • Impressive graphics
  • Varied, captivating gameplay
  • Recreates the feel of the movie
  • Straightforward controls with assistance in early levels


  • Some lag on older devices


Men in Black 3 is the official mobile game of the blockbuster action movie. This fun side-scrolling shooter, for Java-enabled mobile phones, sees you play the role of Will Smith's character, Agent J.

Your mission in Men in Black 3 is to destroy the aliens that have invaded New York City - both in present time and in the year 1969. There are eight different levels to go through, linked together by an original storyline with plenty of dialog, humor and cut scenes.

Men in Black 3 is compelling to play, and it doesn't get boring since there's plenty of variety. You can unlock and access a range of weapons and gadgets from the movie, including the infamous Noisy Cricket. There are lots of different backdrops and different kinds of aliens and gameplay is more than just walking along shooting, since you'll be climbing buildings, jumping along trains, riding motorbikes and more.

In terms of graphics and overall presentation, Men in Black 3 is hard to fault. As Java mobile games go, it's very polished. Graphics are crisp and sharp and the overall style captures the feel of the movie. Be warned that in graphically-intense moments of the game you might experience some lag if you're using a less-than powerful handset. We tested on a Nokia N85, and it labored a little when there's lots of action on screen at once.

Men in Black 3 is a fun shooting game for Java with lots of variety in its gameplay. Fans of the movie will love it!

Men in Black 3


Men in Black 3 1.0.0

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